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Dosiana Winarni, 53 CYST   081331986336


It all started with heavy bleeding outside of my menstruation cycle. Other symptoms experienced are frequent blood spots and irregular menstruation. I went to the hospital and had to have a curettage done, then I checked the PA Laboratory to find out if the results were malignant or not. After the lab results came out and they tested positive for uterine cancer, I finally had surgery. 1 year had past and I thought I was free of any sort of cancerous disease, suddenly I experienced a severe abdominal pain, and had this condition checked again by the doctors. After a long examination process, I was diagnosed with an epidermoid cyst with a size of 6.7 cm in the ovary. The doctor suggested surgery, but I refused because I was tired of having to undergo surgery. One day, I found a magazine which contained articles about a herbal medicine from PT Daun Teratai – Chang Sheuw Tian Ran Ling Yao.

After reading the article, I decided to try out their herbal treatment in the hope that it would help me cure my illness. I took the herbal medicine according to the recommended dosage by Daun Teratai Care. After 1 month of consuming it regularly, the size of my cyst decreased to 4 cm, and in the second month only 1.5 cm remained. Subsequently, the following month my cyst was no longer visible. I am so grateful for this healing and miracle. The previous fatigue affected by cysts, is no longer felt. I often share this experience with my friends who have uterine or cervical cancer.

To this day I still take the herbal medicine Chang Sheuw Tian Ran Ling Yao regularly for prevention. If we are willing and motivated to get well, Allah will surely provide a way. Stay healthy with Daun Teratai.